About Us

Talenture is a global group of recruitment brands providing hiring solutions that connect some of the world’s most innovative businesses with exceptional talent.

Our clients rely on us to ensure they have access to a wide pool of specialist medical talent available for assessment and selection; in recognition of this fact, we approach talent resourcing by working closely with hospitals to establish how best our service can be utilized and developing candidate attraction activities that are varied and far-reaching. By focusing upon ‘difficult to fill’ posts we support our clients and enhance the quality of our service to them.

We are a full-service consultancy as it is known in the Industry which means that we provide 360˚ support to individuals and healthcare providers in the recruitment of staff. This means that we help with the initial sourcing of suitable candidates, shortlisting & interviewing, as well as on-boarding the successful candidate into the role.

Our close sector specialization and focus in healthcare enables us to deliver an efficient and effective service to professionals and organizations, we work with.

By understanding the healthcare sector, we have intimate firsthand experience of the geopolitical, commercial and people challenge and can provide bespoke talent solutions.